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PeeKdesigns represents …

Peter and Kelly’s Environment & Education Designs

Our vision is for communities to have a strong connection to their local environment.

Our mission is to provide creative education solutions that will inspire communities to learn about their local region. To achieve this, we create locally relevant resources that are tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients and customers.

Peter Coleman



Co-founder & Business Manager

Peter established PeeKdesigns in 2008 to provide environmental education engagement opportunities for organisations. As co-founder and business manager, Peter is always ensuring that the best possible results are achieved for the client.

Peter is also our Enviro-Stories Coordinator. His teaching experiences provide him with strong leadership skills and this is why he is the Enviro-Stories Coordinator. Not only will Peter coordinate the programs, he also meticulously edits the children’s stories to ensuring they become a valuable, easy-to-read resource for any audience.

Kelly Coleman



Co-founder & Senior Consultant

Kelly has a background in terrestrial ecology, environmental management and photography and spent many years working in the natural resource management industry. She uses these skills to provide technical advice and support in planning, developing and designing education, extension and interpretive materials.

Kelly is also our in-house graphic designer, creating intuitive, informative and interesting education materials in both online and print media. She can create style guides for organisations, or work within the framework of pre-determined style guides, to produce corporate resources that are branded correctly.

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