Stories from Country

About this resource

This interactive resource has been developed for Tanja Public School and the NSW Department of Education to support learning about First People’s culture through stories told by local Elders across southern NSW.

We would like to acknowledge that not all Aboriginal nations from southern NSW have been included in this resource. The stories and information about six different traditional lands have been chosen based on prior work with Elders from those regions and we have permission to use their stories.

This resource was created to be used in NSW HSIE subjects (geography and history) and help teachers deliver lessons on Aboriginal culture – covering cross-curriculum priorities under Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. It is designed to be used on a computer or tablet with interactive elements to play audio recordings, show and hide features and link to YouTube videos.

Please note: We encourage schools to work with their local Aboriginal Education Officers and other representatives. This resource does not replace local knowledge, merely supports classroom discussion and learning.

It is recommended to use this resource in conjunction with the First People’s Culture with the Murray region of NSW, prepared by PeeKdesigns and Petaurus Education Group Inc. in consulation with the Ngarigo, Wiradjuri, Wamba Wamba/ Wemba Wemba, Bangerang/Pangerang, Mutthi Mutthi, and Barapa Barapa/Perrepa Perrepa people. This resource provides a range of information and activity sheets to help teachers and students within the Murray region of New South Wales learn about Australia’s First Peoples.

What’s included?

Stories and Nations include:

  • Yuin Country – south coast
  • Ngarigo Country – Monaro Plains and the Snowy Mountains
  • Wiradjuri Country – central NSW and south to Albury
  • Bangerang/Pangerand Country – Billabong Creek and the Murray River (east of Howlong)
  • Ngiyampa Country – Lake Mungo, Menindee and north to Brewarrinna
  • Paakantyi Country – east of the Darling River and into South Australia

Top feature image: Mystery Bay school excursion on Yuin Country (K. Coleman)


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