Working together with Petaurus Education Group

PeeKdesigns has a long-standing, mutually-beneficial, association with Petaurus Education Group Inc (Petaurus).

Based in Albury, NSW, Petaurus identifies, develops and delivers a range of learning and curriculum experiences, resources and initiatives for schools and communities to connect with land, water, productive farming, sustainability and Aboriginal culture.

Our partnership began at the very onset of Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre’s regional NRM education delivery in the Murray region of NSW (before Petaurus was established in 2014). We have supported their programs, strategic development and delivery of education since 2011.

A part of this partnership has been associated with their national award-winning program, Creative Catchment Kids, of which Enviro-Stories plays a key role. We also provide education, design and advisory services to Petaurus and the organisations they are associated with, such as Landcare groups, Murray Darling Wetland Working Group, Office of Environment and Heritage and Local Land Services.

Additionally, with their education team and DGR incorporated status, we have the combined ability to provide a range of services to organisations across the Murray-Darling region, northeastern Victoria and beyond.

2018 Joint Project Summary

We recently complied a presentation for Petaurus staff to see the array of projects we have jointly worked on in 2018 alone. This presentation consists of ten projects – some with multiple sub-projects. This summary is something we are proud to acknowledge as we hope it will help understand the importance of our partnership, now and into the future.