Our Vision

We envision communities with deep and meaningful connections to their local environment.


Our Mission

Our mission is to craft creative and educational solutions that ignite a passion for learning about one’s local region within communities. To make this vision a reality, we specialise in developing locally relevant resources customised to meet the unique needs of our clients and customers.

“PeeKdesigns have a passion for their work and it shines through in everything they produce.”

PeeKdesigns collaborates with clients all across Australia, offering our services to government agencies, schools, community groups and individuals. We’re here to help them achieve their community engagement goals.


Creative Education Solutions
are at the core of what we do.


We’re all about getting CREATIVE in every project we take on. Our approach is to infuse local imagery and messages into our designs, creating content that sparks curiosity, motivates people to learn more, pick up our resources, or simply linger a bit longer.

We’re EDUCATORS at heart. Our passion lies in effective education and engagement that inspire communities to truly connect with and appreciate their local surroundings.

We aim to be the SOLUTION for your needs. By working closely with you and the local community, we ensure that every individual requirement is met. Our vision is for communities to form a strong bond with their local area, and our mission is to provide the solution.

Meet the Team

Block 1

Kelly Coleman

Senior Creative Consultant

Graphic Designer
CASA Accredited RPA Operator

Block 2

Peter Coleman

Program Coordinator

Enviro-Stories Coordinator
CASA Accredited RPA Operator

“PeeKdesigns will
go above and beyond
to turn our ideas
into amazing outcomes.”