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Our design work spans across print publications, interpretive signs, websites and interactive resources. We place great emphasis on ensuring our designs not only represent the organisation effectively but also captivate the audience while demonstrating a deep understanding of the content.

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Our Work

Small-leaved flat-pea © Kelly Coleman

East Gippsland Revegetation Ute Guide

This guide is designed to assist East Gippsland landholders plan their revegetation projects.

Are you a catchment crusader?

Be a Catchment Crusader

Come and play our NEW interactive game and become a crusader for the Hunter Catchment.

Tambo Crossing Paddock - Nat Jenkins

What is my paddock telling me?

This book has been developed for East Gippsland farmers to help them better understand their soils, look for signs in the paddock and confirm paddock problems.

Frogs of the Hunter Region

Frogs of the Hunter Region

Frogs of the Hunter Region is an identification guide to 48 native frog species, as well as one invasive species, the cane toad.

Pink fingers - Caladenia carnea © Kelly Coleman

Jewels of the Bush

Native orchids are tiny, colourful, jewels of the bush and are important to local biodiversity. This book supports the identification of native orchids in the NSW Murray Region. 

Living Lagoons - Fish Park

The Living Lagoons

‘The Living Lagoons’ brochure highlights 10+ years of work of dedicated community members in Deniliquin to restore their urban lagoons.

Hover bee on blossom © Kelly Coleman

A Better Way to Farm

An education resource for Years 5-8 about sustainably controlling pests in our farms and gardens.

Rhodes Grass © Kelly Coleman

East Gippsland Pastures

East Gippsland Pastures is an easy reference glovebox guide to the most commonly seen grasses, clovers and other herbs in East Gippsland.

Kids in a patch of khaki weed

Weeds to Watch in the Murray Region

Learn about the weeds of the Murray Region through this interactive online resource.

Mystery Bay Sea Country Excursion

Sea Country in NSW

The Sea Country program uses classroom activities, videos and excursion materials to engage students in learning about Sea Country.

Wetland Birds NSW

Wetland Birds of the NSW Murray-Riverina Region

This poster showcases 60 wetland birds species and their habitats from across the Murray-Riverina regions of NSW.

Waterbug Blitz

Waterbug Blitz Education Resource for Australian Schools

This resource has been developed for early years/pre-school to Year 10 students and supports the National Waterbug Blitz citizen science project.

Hop Into Frogs

Hop Into Frogs!

Hop Into Frogs has been created for students and educators in the Corowa region to support frog-related learning in schools.

Adventures at your place

Adventures at Your Place

Adventures at your Place is a series of fun activities for kids to undertake in their own backyard. Each week a new activity will be available!

Project - Parrot of the Lower Lachlan Valley © Chris Tzaros

Parrots of the Lower Lachlan Valley

Developed in partnership with Petaurus Education Group Inc., this project includes an education resource for teachers, fact sheets and an online presentation on three key parrots of the lower Lachlan Valley.

Southern bell frog

Saving the southern bell frog

Developed for years 3-6 'Saving the southern bell frog' supports students learning about an Australian threatened species.

First People’s Culture within the Murray Region of NSW

This resource provides a range of information and activities to support learning about Australia’s First Peoples in the Murray region of NSW.

Cassie Leatham

Wild Blak Arts

We have been working with Cassie from Wild Blak Arts since 2014 - a truly inspirational Koori woman.

Brolga Breeding Habitat

This guide has been designed to help landholders manage their wetlands for Brolgas.

Bat Education Resources

A new suite of bat education resources has been developed for Queensland's Burnett Mary region.

Bush Stone-curlew © Chris Tzaros

Learning about Bush Stone-curlews

A new resource for students to learn about the iconic Bush Stone-curlew.

Creative Catchment Kids Resources

In 2017 we helped publish 31 new Creative Catchment Kids resources.

Squirrel Gliders on Apple Books

This is interactive multi-touch book, available on iBooks, looks at the ecology and conservation of Squirrel gliders.

Toowoomba’s Flying-Fox Strategy

We worked with Toowoomba Regional Council to design their newly approved Regional Flying-fox Management Strategy.