Enviro-Stories is our flagship program that involves students learning about their local area and passing this knowledge on to others through storytelling.

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Sharing stories about the world around us

Through Enviro-Stories, we have a mission to empower kids to share their tales about the world that surrounds them. We’re all about connecting students with their local region, encouraging them to dive into research and create their very own storybooks.

Our program has led to the creation of hundreds of student-written and illustrated books, and thousands of printed copies have found their way to schools and communities. This monumental achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of teachers, parents, students, sponsors and all the other incredible contributors to this innovative program.

Enviro-Stories is a brilliant concept that allows sponsors to engage with students and communities throughout their region. We’re always excited to welcome the next Enviro-Stories sponsor and can’t wait to see the wonderful stories that will come to life.


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“Enviro-Stories lends itself to so many facets of the English curriculum. It gets everyone writing, looking, talking, researching, planning and drafting. It involves all aspects of the writing process. All children, no matter what their ability, can be involved in that process.”