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PeeKdesigns is your go-to creative partner, here to actively support you in connecting with your local environment and community. We’re all about making teaching resources, publications, reports and engaging materials for schools and the broader community.

Our special knack? Understanding and jazzing up content about things like nature, biodiversity, endangered species, farming, cultural heritage and aquatic ecosystems. You name it; we research, write, design and make it pop to give you the best service around.


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“Amazing customer service, professionalism and quality of finished products.”

Working together for greater awareness

When it comes to teamwork for a greater cause, PeeKdesigns is all heart. We’re super passionate about helping local Indigenous communities and businesses get the general public excited about Australia’s First Peoples. We think learning their story should be a top priority in Aussie schools.

We’ve been lucky to work on some cool cultural education and community projects, and the cultural stuff we make? Well, that’s a collaboration with the Traditional Owners, Elders and cultural educators. We show respect at every level – for the land, the ancestors, the Elders, the people and all the knowledge they share.

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“Sensitive to the requirements of the resources as well as the community members.”

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