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We’re dedicated to creating educational resources for schools, covering a range of topics like agriculture, biodiversity, threatened species, natural resource management and much more. Additionally, we collaborate with Traditional Custodians and First Nations businesses to provide culturally relevant education opportunities.

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Marine Estate Agents Program banner

Marine Estate Agents Program

Fostering lifelong learning of the marine estate in NSW primary schools.

Adventures at your place

Adventures at Your Place

Fun activities for kids to undertake in their own backyard or at school.

EcoGroms and their Sea Turtle Adventures

Sea turtle adventures

Watch, listen and learn about sea turtles with this interactive resource.

Hunter River Catchment

Looking after the Hunter River catchment

Interactive screen of kids message about looking after the Hunter River.

Who's living around your farm?

Who’s living around your farm?

Learn about the East Gippsland wildlife that could be living near your farm.

Are you a catchment crusader?

Be a Catchment Crusader

Come and play our NEW interactive game and become a crusader for the Hunter Catchment.

Hover bee on blossom © Kelly Coleman

A Better Way to Farm

An education resource for Years 5-8 about sustainably controlling pests in our farms and gardens.

Kids in a patch of khaki weed

Weeds to Watch in the Murray Region

Learn about the weeds of the Murray Region through this interactive online resource.

Water for the environment

Rivers: Sharing our water

An education resource for Years 7-10 on water for the environment.

Mystery Bay Sea Country Excursion

South Coast Sea Country in NSW

Using classroom activities, videos and excursion materials to learn about South Coast Sea Country.

Waterbug Blitz

Waterbug Blitz Education Resource for Australian Schools

Developed for K-10 students as part of the National Waterbug Blitz.

Hop Into Frogs

Hop Into Frogs!

An education package for learning about frogs around Corowa, NSW.

Project - Parrot of the Lower Lachlan Valley © Chris Tzaros

Parrots of the Lower Lachlan Valley

Education package on three key parrots of the lower Lachlan Valley.

Exploring Gomeroi Culture in the Pilliga

Education packages about some of the Pilliga region's iconic places.

Southern bell frog

Saving the southern bell frog

Supports Years 3-6 students learning about an Australian threatened species.

First People’s Culture within the Murray Region of NSW

Supporting learning about Australia’s First Peoples in the Murray region of NSW.

Bat Education Resources

A new suite of bat education resources has been developed for Queensland's Burnett Mary region.

Bush Stone-curlew © Chris Tzaros

Learning about Bush Stone-curlews

A new resource for students to learn about the iconic Bush Stone-curlew.

Creative Catchment Kids Resources

In 2017 we helped publish 31 new Creative Catchment Kids resources.

Squirrel Gliders on Apple Books

An interactive book about the conservation of Squirrel gliders.

Boonalla Aboriginal Area Education Package

Supporting the Traditional Owners of Boonalla to share this special place.

Pests in Irrigation Landscapes

Teaching package on pests in the Riverina's irrigation region, NSW.

Healthy Habitats Education Package

Teaching package for observing, recording and doing activities at your local creek

NSW Marine Parks Education Kit

Primary school education packages for the six marine parks in NSW.

Corroboree Frog Education Kit

Helping primary schools learn about corroboree frogs and their fight for survival.

Lord Howe Island Education Kit

Teaching resources for about Lord Howe Island's biodiversity.

Aboriginal Area Education Packages

Primary school excursions packages for Deriah and Terry Hie Hie Aboriginal Areas, NSW.