Marine Estate Agents Program

The Marine Estate Agents program is aimed at creating a solid foundation for students that will inspire and foster lifelong learning of the marine estate within classrooms in NSW and beyond.

Tailored for Years 1-6, the program aligns with NSW syllabus subjects Human Society and its Environment (Geography) and Science, addressing cross-curriculum priorities such as Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and Histories.

Our involvement

PeeKdesigns was engaged by the NSW Marine Estate to create a program that would meet all 9 initiatives under the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy, be fun and engaging for Years 1-6 students and meet curriculum needs. The Marine Estate Agents Program is the result. It includes everything a teacher needs to start learning about the marine estate and encourage their students to become agents of change in looking after the marine estate.

PeeKdesigns involvement in this project included:

  • Curriculum mapping
  • Research, write and edit all content
  • Graphic design, including project branding, illustrations and interactive materials
  • Photography
  • Coordinate a pilot and teacher feedback

Here’s one of the additional interactive resources created for the younger students.