A Better Way to Farm

A Better Way to Farm was developed for the Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority as part of the Farms2Schools project. It provides a series of fact and activity sheets that introduce students to the idea that we can use a variety of better, more sustainable methods to help control pests in our farms and gardens.

This resource, which is aimed at Levels 5 – 8 of the Victorian curriculum, breaks down the technical sounding topic of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into lessons and ideas that are manageable by students. The cross-curriculum priorities ‘Learning about sustainability’ enables the resource to be used at any level.

Sustainability and IPM topics include:

  • pest species identification
  • beneficial species identification
  • agriculture types
  • recycling nutrients
  • predator/prey relationships
  • life cycles
  • native vegetation
  • echolocation
  • revegetation
  • adaptations
  • sustainability
  • flower parts
  • pollination
  • habitats
  • layers of the bush
  • feral animals.

A better way to farm - Cover

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