Bat Education Resources

We have been involved in the development of a range of bat education resources since 2008. PeeKdesigns was founded on the development of the Fraser Coast Bat Education Kit. In 2011, we worked with SEQ Catchments and Burnett mary Regional Group to create the Southern Queensland Flying-fox Educaiton Kit. Then in 2018, we have rejuvenated all of those original ideas and concepts, designed better materials, updated our knowledge and skills and created a suite of materials that can be used for both kids and adults.

All About Bats of Southern Queensland – Website

All of our bat related resources can be found at the re-developed All About Bats of Southern Queensland website that was included as part of this project. The original All About Bats website was developed in 2009 with photo and content permission from Les Hall.

All About Bats

Burnett Mary Micro-bat Education Kit: Investigating Insectivores

The Burnett Mary Micro-bat Education Kit: Investigating Insectivores was developed to improve the longterm survival and awareness of micro-bats in the Burnett Mary region of Queensland.

The education kit introduces teachers and students to the important role that micro-bats play in our lives, such as consuming millions of insects every night – an essential part of keeping our environment healthy!

Although it has been developed to fit in with the year 4 and 5 curriculum, this resource can be used and adapted to higher year levels by individual teachers.


For all associated resources head to the website at All About Bats website

Bats of the Burnett Mary – Poster

This A0-size poster shows 36 species of bats that are known to occur within the Burnett Mary region of Queensland.

A Pocket Guide to the Bats of the Burnett Mary

‘A Pocket Guide to the Bats of the Burnett Mary’ has been developed as a quick reference field guide for identifying 36 bats known to be found in the Burnett Mary region of Queensland.

As well as species identification, it also includes background information to help readers learn more about these fascinating and often misunderstood creatures Intended to be used as a school and community resource, the pocket guide is the hard copy version of the All About Bats of Southern Queensland website


Pocket Guide to Bats of the Burnett Mary Cover


Southern Queensland Flying-fox Education Kit

The Southern Queensland Flying-fox Education Kit provides schools of southern Queensland with an opportunity to study flying-foxes in the classroom while achieving outcomes (particularly Biological Sciences) under the Australian Curriculum.

Each unit consists of three lessons that contain a variety of activities. Teachers may choose to complete more than the suggested lessons e.g. a teacher may choose to recap some of the year 5 activities or proceed to year 7.

These activities use a range of different learning media to provide an all-round learning experience for their students. This includes printed materials, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos and sound files that are all found on the All About Bats website.

The final section of this education kit provides contact details for professionals (e.g. wildlife carers, scientists and council staff) to come and talk to students about their role in looking after flying-foxes and their habitat. It also provides a list of easily accessible excursion locations if teachers wish to take their students to expereince the sights and smells of a flying-fox colony.

Education Kit