Learning about Bush Stone-curlews

‘Learning about Bush Stone-curlews’has been developed to help students to learn about the iconic Bush Stone-curlew.

We have created this resource for the Nature Conservation Working Group (NCWG). The NCWG is a non-government, not-for-profit, environmental group that is comprised of like-minded landholders who have a desire to ensure the survival of the iconic Bush Stone-curlew.

Unit description

‘Learning about Bush Stone-curlews’ provides a comprehensive unit of work looking at a Bush Stone-curlew’s:

  • physical characteristics
  • structural adaptations
  • behavioural adaptations
  • scientific classification
  • habitat, diet and breeding
  • conservation status, threats and recovery.

The resource is aimed at students between Years 3-7 and can be used either as a whole unit or as separate individual activities. Some information sheets and activities may also be appropriate for younger or older students.

‘Learning about Bush Stone-curlews’ includes information sheets and activities for a range of abilities that may be suitable for any year level as determined by their teacher. To assist teachers, content description codes for the Science learning area in the Australian Curriculum have been provided. 

*banner photo © Chris Tzaros