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Squirrel gliders (Petaurus norfolcensis) belong to the possum family, which has 26 species including their similar-looking cousin the sugar glider. They are mainly found along the eastern borders of Australia, where the landscape might be dry, open forest, woodland or tall coastal forest; anywhere they can really adapt to.

Sadly, these cute creatures are under threat as their habitat is slowly but surely being removed, making it difficult for them to glide from tree to tree. This has forced the gliders to cross roads and open paddocks to find suitable habitat. By doing so they become vulnerable to cars, feral cats, foxes and natural predators such as owls.

This is an interactive multi-touch book that looks at the ecology of Squirrel gliders, threats to their survival and the conservation efforts being employed to protect them. It is a compilation of the work prepared by high school students involved in the Creative Catchment Kids (CCK) program, as well as additional content provided through the Squirrel Glider Local Area Management Plan (LAMP) project.

In 2014, as part of Wirraminna’s CCK program, Albury-based students from Trinity College, Murray High School and James Fallon School were tasked with researching and writing a book on Squirrel gliders to help raise awareness of this endangered species. These students were given the opportunity to participate in field work and talk to the scientists and land managers involved in monitoring and conserving the Squirrel gliders. They created three books called: Gliding Towards a Better Future, A Glider’s Tale and Squirrel Gliders: The Emblem of Informed Sustainability and Better Land Management.

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