East Gippsland Revegetation Ute Guide

Do you need to plan a revegetation project on your property?

The East Gippsland Revegetation Ute Guide is to assist landholders to plan their revegetation projects by providing:

  • a basic overview of the steps to a successful revegetation project, including site selection, planning, planting, maintenance and monitoring
  • suitable species for different sites, EVCs and growing conditions
  • plant height
  • flowering and seeding time.
East Gippsland Revegetation Ute Guide 3Ed-Cover

A number of photos are provided of each species ranging from juvenile to adult, flowers and seeds as applicable to aid in their identification. Species are divided into three groups:

  1. Groundcovers and climbers
  2. Understorey shrubs
  3. Trees and canopy

Each plant includes other features, such as:

  • the plant’s Ecological Vegetation Class/es
  • if the species is identified as a ‘fire-wise’ plant, one that has fire retardant and/or fire-resistant properties that may act as a barrier to or assist in slowing the spread of fire
  • the attractiveness of the plant to native mammals, such as koalas, possums, gliders and bats
  • if the species contributes to a preferred habitat for frogs
  • the attractiveness to bees and pollinators
  • the attractiveness to birds, either as a food or nesting source. 

If you’re interested in getting a hard copy of the guide, please contact the Far East Victoria Landcare Network on 03 5154 2843. You can also download a copy here. 

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This guide has used a variety of photos supplied by Kelly Coleman Photography.