Healthy Habitats Education Package

We worked with the Burnett Mary Regional Group (Queensland) to generate an education package that aligned with their Healthy Habitats Initiative. The Healthy Habitats Education Package provides you with a complete reference guide for your students to observe, record and do activities at your local creek, or other waterway. Included is a mix of activities for all levels of learning. It is the teachers responsibility to apply these activities to their lesson outcomes as desired.

The package includes the teachers guidelines and two field workbooks for your students.

My Local Creek Teachers Guidelines
These guidelines are designed to provide classroom support and extended details for your field excursions and other activities. The guidelines also identify the curriculum outcomes achieved by using the Healthy Habitats Education Package.

Workbook 1: All I can find at my local creek
This focuses on observing, recording and identifying environmental aspects of the local creek you are studying.

Workbook 2: All I can do for my local creek
This focusses on actively trying to rehabilitate, educate and promote the local creek you are studying.

BMRG-LocalCreek  BMRG-W1 BMRG-W2

About the Healthy Habitats Initiative

Healthy Habitats is an initiative of the Burnett Mary Regional Group to protect and enhance the region’s significant biodiversity assets. Healthy Habitats is funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments through Caring for our Country.

Healthy Habitats has three components:

  • On ground investment in terrestrial and coastal biodiversity priority areas;
  • Priority Species & Ecosystems Research and Monitoring; and,
  • Biodiversity Education and Awareness Raising.

The object of these programs is to support a range of high priority activities and to improve the long term security of the region’s significant biodiversity assets, including Fraser Island.