Wild Blak Arts

Cassie Fisher Patterson is a truly inspirational Taungurung/Dja Dja Wurrung woman living in Gippsland, Victoria. We have been working together on a number of projects since 2014 and we support one another on creating and sharing cultural knowledge with young and old.

The Wild Blak Arts website was designed to showcase Cassie, her artworks, workshops and skills as a bushtukka woman. This is constantly evolving as Cassie and her business evolves.

We also worked with Cassie to design her logo using a stylised version of her fingerprint. The fingerprint was chosen because Wild Blak Arts is about her journey, her culture and her way – it is the heart and soul of Cassie Fisher Patterson (formerly Leatham). 

In 2024, this logo has been given a budgie blue makeover! What’s that I hear you say… budgie? Cassie is the proud owner of MrBeaky, the native blue budgie who speaks Taungurung language. Through his book “An important message from MrBeaky”, and social media accounts, Cassie and MrBeaky have helped spread the word to kids about accepting that even though our skin may be a different colour, we are still the same. For MrBeaky, this means being a blue feathered native budgie; for Cassie, this means being a fair skinned Aboriginal woman.

Wild Blak Arts website

Additionally, Kelly (Senior Consultant) has photographed a number of Cassie’s workshops, performances and bushtukka walks in an attempt to highlight the enthusiasm and energy that Cassie has for her culture and her willingness to educate others on traditional ways. You can see many of these photos on Cassie’s website and at Kelly Coleman Photography.

Wild Blak Arts: Celebrating Culture – project travel diary