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Dirty Hands = Fun Learning for Enviro-Stories

There were smiles all around when Wee Waa and Fairfax Public School students got dirty learning about sensational soils.

WildBlak – Visiting Cultural Sites

A trip to the Pilliga region is not complete without visiting some of the cultural sites.

WildBlak – Baradine Weaving Circle Begins

The Baradine weaving circle begins as young and old come together to learn a new skill, share stories and then teach one-another. It is very powerful.

WildBlak – The school experience

With Cassie's school cultural presentation, the kids don't take long for them to start hanging onto her every word.

WildBlak – Harvesting Roadkill

Driving along the road it is hard for Cassie to not stop at every animal that has been killed by a vehicle.

WildBlak – Travelling Across Country

Travelling across country with Cassie Leatham lets you see just how passionate she is about her culture.

Books and Websites for Preschools

PeeKdesigns has been working with Petaurus Education Group and preschools around NSW to design books and websites that promote preschools in their communities.

Travelling back to Outback NSW

View some of the amazing scenery from my recent journey to outback NSW as I travel to Gomeroi and Uallaroi Country.

Creative Catchment Kids Wins National Junior Landcare Award

We are pleased to announce that Creative Catchment Kids won the National 2016 Yates Junior Landcare Team Award.

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