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New resources for the Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre

The Sandstone Caves and Sculptures in the Scrub Education Packages and Winangaya Gunidjarr - Exploring the Fifth Sculpture are now available from the Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre in Baradine, NSW.

Life in the intertidal zone

On a recent trip to the Sapphire Coast of NSW we managed to find a secluded spots and enjoyed a bit of time in inter-tidal zone at low tide.

Southern bell frog

Saving the southern bell frog

Developed for years 3-6 'Saving the southern bell frog' supports students learning about an Australian threatened species.

First People’s Culture within the Murray Region of NSW

This resource provides a range of information and activities to support learning about Australia’s First Peoples in the Murray region of NSW.


Celebrating our local birds

We are showcasing some of our bird photos and participating in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count for National Bird Week.

Working together with Petaurus Education Group

PeeKdesigns has a long-standing, mutually-beneficial, association with Petaurus Education Group.

Great Alpine Weaving

Wild Blak Arts

We have been working with Cassie from Wild Blak Arts since 2014 - a truly inspirational Koori woman.

Brolga Breeding Habitat

This guide has been designed to help landholders manage their wetlands for Brolgas.

Bat Education Resources

A new suite of bat education resources has been developed for Queensland's Burnett Mary region.

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